Rules & Regulations

DME has been granted an Authorised Market Institution license (AMI) by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). DME is under the direct jurisdiction of the DFSA and DME is required to comply with the DFSA regulatory requirements. It is the responsibility of DME to regulate the operation of the market and the DFSA is responsible for the authorisation or recognition (as appropriate) of the DME Members. Additionally, DME is subject to regulatory controls and input from various Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Emirates Government offices. In international trading, rules applied by overseas regulatory bodies such as the CFTC in the USA, MAS in Singapore, SFC in Hong Kong and FCA in the UK also have to be taken into account. To ensure the observance of these regulations, DME has a compliance department under the supervision of its CCO/Head of Compliance who reports directly to the DME Board in relation to compliance matters. In conducting business as an AMI, the DME applies best practices to offer the highest international standards in market regulation.