Rules & Regulations


In accordance with the Dubai Financial Services Authority ("DFSA") Rules, Dubai Mercantile Exchange("DME") is required to have a fair, impartial and objective procedure for the handling of complaints. As such DME has set out clear complaint handling procedures for handling complaints either against the Exchange or about users of the Exchange.
Complaint Handling Procedures
 click here to download DME Complaints Policy and Procedures
Important - Before submitting your complaint, please ensure:
1. You have a Relevant Complaint as described in the DME Complaints Policy and Procedures
2. That the complaint is made in writing and addressed to:
        CCO/Head of Compliance
        Dubai Mercantile Exchange Limited
        P.O. Box 66500
        Gate Village Building 10, Level 4
        Dubai International Financial Centre
        Dubai, United Arab Emirates
        or by
        e-mail to:
3. The CCO/Head of Compliance will ensure that the complaints process is managed in accordance with the DME Complaints Procedure as well as all applicable rules within the DME Rulebook. This will include passing the complaint to an Independent Director if it is believed that there is or could be a conflict of interest if the CCO/Head of Compliance was to manage the complaint process.
4. The Exchange, its Members and the complainant are obliged to co-operate with the CCO/Head of Compliance or the Independent Director (as the case may be) in the conduct of his investigation and to provide such information, records and staff as the CCO or the Independent Director considers necessary.
5. Where a complaint is either rejected or the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of any investigation, the complainant will be able to refer the complaint to the DFSA.
6. Following investigation of a Relevant Complaint, either the CCO/Head of Compliance or the Independent Director must prepare a written report of his conclusions and recommendations (if any, the Complaint Report).
7. The Compliance Department will retain copies of all documents and materials relating to the complaint (including the Complaint Report) for a minimum of six years.
For additional information on the DME's Complaints Handling Procedures, please contact the CCO/Head of Compliance on +971 4 365 5500* or at