DME Contracts

Getting Set Up to Trade on the DME

Q. What contracts are currently trading on the DME?
A. The DME lists the DME Oman Crude Oil Futures Contract which has become the most successful exchange traded contract for crude oil price transparency in the East of Suez markets. Additionally, the DME lists the following contracts:



Trading Symbol on Globex and on CME Clearing

DME Oman Crude Oil Financial  ZGD
DME Oman Crude Oil European Style Option OQE

Brent (Singapore Marker) vs. DME Oman Crude Oil Futures


DME Oman Crude Oil BALMO Futures


DME Oman Crude Oil Calendar Futures


DME Oman Crude Oil Average Price Option 



Q. How can I trade on the DME?

A. The only requirement is to open an account with a DME Clearing Member, and meeting the requirements set out in the DME Rulebook. A list of the DME Clearing Members can be found here. A full list of CME Globex ® certified ISVs for trade execution can be found here.
Q. What trading platform does the DME use?
A. The DME migrated the DME Oman Crude Oil Futures and the DME Oman Crude Oil Financial Contracts to CME Globex on February 2, 2009.
Q. What are the DME trading hours?
A. Electronic trading is open from 1600 North American Central Standard Time / Central Daylight Time (CST/CDT) Sundays and from 1645 CST/CDT Monday to Thursday and closes at 1600 CST/CDT the next day, Monday to Friday.
Singapore is 14 hours ahead of CST and Dubai is 10 hours ahead. The time difference is reduced by one hour when CDT is in effect. Neither Dubai nor Singapore observe Daylight Savings Time.
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